When deciding to have a home custom built, one of the first and most important things to do is to pick a builder. Depending on your budget, style and location there will be a number of builders to choose from. Here are some helpful tips on how to find the perfect builder to construct your dream home!

Experience Matters

A builder should have years of experience as well as a number of quality homes built to establish a nice reputation in the building industry. There are a couple helpful databases that have a list of credible and reputable builders who are pre-screened. This is a great resource if you are having a tough time finding where to start!

License, Permits and Insurance

While some builders may choose to cut corners, it’s very important that the builder you choose have a credible license as well as any insurance and knowledge of needed permits for construction.


With any large investment, warranties are essential. Discuss with your prospective builder about what guarantees and warranties they offer on their construction. Many warranties are broken into two parts. The first part is a warranty that will last the first couple years of the home’s life. This will cover a good majority if not all of what is included in your home. The second part of a warranty involves the structural components and will cover things like foundations and roof trusses. This part will usually have a time span of 10 years or longer.


Asking for references will help you to hear first-hand how the builder works with customers. This is the best way to anticipate the experience you will have with the builder. Tip: One way to find a good builder is to ask for recommendations from real estate agents! They are often untapped but very valuable resources, as they work with new home builders frequently!

Green Character

More and more homeowners are having “green” features built into their homes. Not every builder has experience with installing these types of features or the knowledge of how to create homes with this vision in mind. If you would like your new home to be constructed to be more environmentally friendly, discuss this option with potential builders.

Basic Home Features

What things will be included in standard homes from a builder? It is good to get this question answered because it will help you to determine what types of things will be considered “upgrades” and will cost more money. Take this information and compare it to other builders and see if they might include more in their standard features.


When you start designing your home, you will have all your choices picked out. However you may find along the way that you will change your mind on certain things. Having a builder who is flexible to changes in layout or style will help smooth out any kinks down the road.

Open to Visits

Watching your new home being built from the ground up is an exciting time and its most certain you will want to visit the site periodically. Ask builders what their policy is on visits. Can you visit anytime? Does a supervisor have to be there? Half the fun of building your own home is watching the process, so make sure you find a builder who believes that as well!

Inspections or Final Approval Process

The final inspection is fun but detailed. As you and your builder walk through your home both parties will point out any defects in the structure. Be sure to ask the builders you are interviewing what their inspection and approval process is. If defects are found, find out when they will be fixed.


When will your home be finished? This is a very important question and ensuring both you and your builder are on the same page will eliminate a lot of stress. If you are expecting your home to be done in 6 months to a year, then you need to communicate this to the builder and find out if that is possible. Depending on their process or number of additional jobs they will be working, this time frame may or may not be possible. Knowing the timeline right off the bat will help narrow your prospect options down.

Finding a builder doesn’t have to be a difficult process, you just have to ask the right questions! We at Michael Roberts Construction are happy to sit down with all of our customers for any questions they may have about our work, experience and building process!

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Michael Roberts artfully combines the latest trends in home construction with classic elements to create an exquisite space for real families to enjoy. Licensed by the State of Georgia as a residential home builder, he thoroughly enjoys every aspect of the home building process. He offers an exemplary hands-on approach to his craft and insists upon working with his customers on a personal level to ensure complete satisfaction. Michael Roberts is a name synonymous with integrity, notable reliability, enthusiastic creativity, and award-winning design in the Coastal Georgia area. With high standards, and a detail oriented approach to home building, Roberts builds functional living spaces that make elegant southern opulence an affordable luxury.

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