Guide to Fixture FinishesIt’s the little things right? Sometimes the smallest features in a home can make a big impression. Fixtures such as faucets, lighting, door knobs, outlet covers and even floor vents work together to create character in a home. Below are some of the more common finishes you can choose for hardware and fixtures.


Chrome is one of the more neutral finishes available. Due to its high-shine and reflective properties it makes for a relatively dramatic appearance. This type of finish generally looks best in contemporary homes. One thing to remember is when there is high-shine, there is also the downfall of smudges and fingerprints.

Nickelbrushed nickel

Nickel, like chrome, is considered another neutral finish. Variations are called brushed or satin nickel. This finish this would be fitting for almost any decor. It is not overly shiny but still has enough character to go well with more up-scale homes.



Brass will give an elegant finish for fixtures with more affordable pricing than gold. Brass is typically a shiny metal but has a popular variation called antique brass that is darker and more textured. This finish can be paired in both vintage and modern homes!



Classic gold is a finish that has been decorating homes for centuries and is recently making a comeback. It is elegant, luxurious and is a great way to accent a room.





Bronzebrushed bronze

Bronze is a popular color, boasting a variety of finishes producing rich and deep colors. An antique white kitchen would look perfect with the contrast of bronze fixtures.

Blackblack faucet

Homes with a country or rustic feel will look great with black metal fixtures especially with an antique variation. Modern or contemporary homes can also make use of black fixtures thanks its simple and clean look.



Style Tips:

Sticking to the same fixtures throughout a room or home is no longer the rule. Feel free to mix and match! Try to keep similar finishes and colors together. For example, mix up aged bronze and antique brass. If contrast is a goal, pair dark fixtures with light wooden cabinets and lighter fixtures with dark wooden cabinets. If you have unique faucets or door knobs try showing them off with a shiny finish. Lastly keep in mind brushed or satin finishes hide smudges and imperfections well.

Like I mentioned, these are not the only finishes you can use in your home. Want to learn more? Here’s a helpful resource. Also read about 5 stone options to use in your home.

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