How to Choose Your Kitchen LayoutA kitchen that is laid out properly will make the best use of space for function and storage with style. When choosing your house and floor plan, one of the most important layouts and selling factors in a home is the kitchen.

Here are 4 basic steps to designing the perfect kitchen for your home!

Step 1 – SIZE

Galley Kitchen LayoutWhat space do you have to work with in your allotted kitchen area?

If it is smaller and more narrow you may want to go with a space-saving option often called a galley kitchen.

A galley kitchen layout has 2 counters that are placed parallel to each other.

Many smaller apartments and condos have galley kitchens. If you need to make the most of corner space, an L-shaped kitchen may be a better option for you.


Who will be using the kitchen is another important factor when designing a layout. If there will be more than one person cooking at a time on normal occasions, choosing a layout that allows for more floor space is best.

The goal in kitchen design is to make it comfortable for people to work and move from place to place. U-shaped kitchens provide three countertops to work with. Some kitchens can also function as eating areas. A G-shaped kitchen is essentially a U-shaped kitchen with the addition of one peninsula countertop or island. The added countertop can function as a breakfast bar. L-shaped kitchens if large enough, can also provide an eating area with room for a table and chairs.

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U Shaped Kitchen LayoutThe storage in a kitchen takes place primarily in the cabinetry.

How much storage would you like your kitchen to have?

U-shaped have three walls of upper and lower cabinets. This layout gives a great deal of storage.

Like the galley, this type of kitchen works well to maximize storage in smaller areas.

On the subject of space, appliances must also be considered. Their size and style should be taken into account when adding them in the layout. Will you have one oven or 2 stacked ovens? Will you have a stovetop built into a counter top or a stove/oven combination?

Step 4 – ISLANDS

If a kitchen is large enough or has appropriate dimensions an island can be a great feature to add. Not only will it provide counter space but it can also also contain storage and electric outlets. In some situations an island can have a stove-top built in giving it an added function.

Kitchen Island

Once you have decided on the best kitchen layout for you, you’ll move on to choosing cabinet style, color, type of countertop, hardware and fixture finishes, lighting, flooring, and the other design elements.

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