When designing your home, one feature that is often overlooked, is lighting. This feature can significantly affect the visual comfort and functionality of your rooms. With a little research and planning you can design a great lighting layout for your home!

Here’s a hint: Mapping out each room and its furniture is a good way to start out your project!

There are three types of lighting:

  • Ambient lighting – This is general lighting. Its function is primarily to allow people to do normal activity. Almost all rooms should have at least one source of ambient light.
  • Task lighting – This is for illuminating certain areas where you perform specific activities such as grooming, cooking, cutting or reading. These activities require better lighting than your normal activity. An example of this is under-cabinet lighting in kitchens.
  • Accent lighting – This lighting is used to focus and draw attention to certain areas of a room such as paintings or sculptures. It has more of a décor function rather than an activity function like the first two types of lighting.

The kitchen is a room that may need a greater deal of task lighting due to the activities performed in it. Reading recipes, cutting, and cooking are all things that require good vision. Recessed lighting is a nice option for your ambient lighting in a kitchen to give an overall brightness to the room. Under-cabinet lighting is a good source of task lighting in a kitchen because it lightens all areas of the counter top. Accent lighting would be used to highlight things like a dining room table or an island. Hint: Adding dimmers as a lighting feature is a good way to add flexibility to your lighting as well as to conserve energy in any room! Our specialists would be happy to help you design the ultimate lighting experience in your kitchen!

The bathroom is an area that also requires a very good task lighting layout. A good source of ambient light in a bathroom is a ceiling mounted fixture. The task lighting in a bathroom is often found in the vanity area where vertical lighting or sconces work best. They will cast excellent light to reduce shadows. Hint: white lighting compliments skin tones the best. The second area of task lighting for a bathroom is the shower. Recessed lighting is a good option for above a shower or tub. If you have a smaller bathroom or a glass shower door, task lighting may not be needed at all.

Main Living Area
The living room or family room of a house is one that will need many levels of lighting due to the various activities performed in it. Ambient sources can be done with track or recessed lighting. Wall sconces and chandeliers can add a more decorative approach as well. Accent lighting will play a big role in living areas. Things like wood features, paintings, fireplaces, photos or sculptures are good examples needing accent lighting.

Source: HGTV Remodels

Reading Area
If you are adding a reading area or nook to your home, keep the lighting warm and welcoming. Having your area near a natural source of light is best. In addition to your ambient source add some floor or table lamps to cast good task lighting. You can customize the brightness with light bulbs that give the option of different levels of lighting called 3-way bulbs.

Source: Freshome

Basements can be tricky to design lighting for because often times they have little if any natural light. Track lighting and recessed lighting work well as both ambient and accent lighting. The nice thing about track lighting is that it can easily be changed. The light can be directed to different areas depending on how you change the layout of your furniture. If your basement is serving as your studio, add good sources of accent lighting for your prize pieces !

Source: BHG

Home offices need to have good visual comfort due to the nature of the activities performed. Reading and computer usage are common and need a low glare setting. Add table or desk lamps for task lighting. A good practice is to layer lighting so it is not all the same height, this reduces the chance of shadows. The most important part of office lighting is to make sure it is comfortable to work in for long periods of time.

Source: Public Design Center

Natural light is always important to a home’s design but artificial light can make all the difference. We at Michael Roberts Construction will help our clients in the Coastal Georgia area design lighting to ensure you home excels in visual comfort and functionality!

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