Designing the Perfect Garage With Storage

A garage is a sought after feature of a home, but it does seem to fall by the wayside where design and storage options are considered. This area of the home however, has a great deal of potential for many different uses. Here is a guide to help homeowners choose the right garage design for their home.


When designing a home, figuring out what the purpose or function of each room will be important. With a garage, will it be used just for housing vehicles and light storage? Some homeowners also desire a portion of their garage to be a workshop.

While others build large storage areas for athletic equipment, seasonal décor, children’s outdoor toys, secondary refrigerators/freezers and other similar items. Some homeowners may even convert the upper half of the garage into an apartment!


The first choice you have to make is whether you want your garage to be attached or detached. Attached versions tend to be a bit easier on the construction budget as you are working off of an existing structure whereas a detached garage is an entirely new and original structure.

When weighing the attached and detached garage benefits, go back to the function you want for your garage. If secondary food storage for example is an important component then building a detached garaged may not be the most convenient. If gaining an additional living space for an apartment is a function then a detached version may be more appropriate.

Size and Stalls

It is generally a given, that if homeowners are constructing garages, then they have vehicles to store in them. When determining the size of a garage, vehicle size should be taken into consideration.

Garages can be built to house specific sizes of vehicles (Sedan, suv’s, vans, trucks). In addition to the size, how many will be stored in it? This can help gauge how many stalls it will be. 2-3 stall garages tend to be the normal pick.

If the garage will be used for additional storage, then it will have to be sized to reflect that in addition to the needed vehicle space. Homeowners looking to make use of vertical storage, should look into designing higher ceilings. A contractor or builder can be a great tool in helping figure out sizing for the different types of storage needed in the garage.

Storage Ideas

If there is one thing that homeowners always tend to lack, it is storage space. When designing a garage for additional storage, get organized. Sketching it out can be a great help to visualize where and how you want your storage created.

Plastic tubs are great for storing smaller items but can be bulky. Shelving that hangs from the ceiling is a great place to store seasonal decor and other items not often used. If sports equipment needs a home, adding a rack of large lockers personalized with each child’s name can be a great idea.

For garage workshops, adding tool benches, cabinets and drawer sets will be beneficial. Gardeners should build racks to house their tools upright against a wall. Homeowners with young children who come in and out of the home frequently may enjoy a landing pad for shoes, and outdoor gear. Whatever storage option chosen, remember to save space for the vehicles!

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