8 Creative Under the Stairs Storage Ideas

Maximizing space is a common wish for many homeowners. One area that is often overlooked for additional storage is the area under staircases. Here are 8 creative ways to make the most out of your staircase!


1. Coat Closet/Mudroom Storage
Staircases are often found near the entryway of homes, making it a perfect location for coats, shoes, gloves and other outerwear items. Many times these particular items are rather bulky and hard to store. We can help you convert your staircase into wide, sectional drawers that pull out for easy storage! Photo Source: http://bit.ly/1guatOA

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2. Basket Shelves
Baskets have become a common item for not only storage but also for decor. Toys, magazines, media and pet items are all examples of items you can store in them. Converting the space under your stairs to a series of shelves is a great way to display your baskets. If you have a large collection of them waiting for a new spot in your home, give us a call! We can design varying lengths and depths of shelves to conveniently and attractively store your baskets! Picture source: http://bit.ly/1dFaxFp

3. Library
One item that many people have difficulties storing, are books. With a large amount of books, finding enough space for them is often the biggest problem. The area under staircases is rarely used and is a unique spot to store them. Similar to the basket storage above, shelves can be constructed and placed in this spot. This solves the problem with finding free wall space and it creates a nice display. Picture source: http://bit.ly/1isTbzM

4. Décor
The area under your stairs doesn’t always have to be about organizing, it can also be a creative way to display your favorite art pieces, vases, antiques or figures. Since this particular area is not often seen utilized in homes, it creates a very unique way to bring attention to your most loved items. Picture source: http://bit.ly/1isTbzM

5. Pantry
If there is one thing people are short of, it is usually kitchen space. One way to solve this is to create a better way to store pantry items. Bulky boxes and cans take up a great deal of space in cabinets that could otherwise be used to store dishes and appliances. If your staircase is near your kitchen this will be a great place to create your pantry hideaway. Cabinets, drawers or shelves would work perfect here. Basement staircases are also a good option for excess pantry items. Picture source: http://bit.ly/1grJZxh

6. Office Nook
Space for home offices can be tricky to find but one area that is perfect for a mini-office is the space beneath your stairs. Depending on the size of your stairs, it can be a very convenient spot to conduct business. Adding a small built in table and a few shelves will easily turn a boring wall under your stairs to an efficient little office. Picture source: http://bit.ly/1kWhvuP

7. Play Room
Toy storage is the ultimate challenge for parents. Converting the area under stairs to a play area is an easy and kid-friendly way to store toys. The smaller height and depth of this area is perfect for children to create their own little fun environment. We can add a rounded door, shelving and lighting to make the ultimate kid hangout! Picture source: http://bit.ly/1jt5A6f

8. Wine Cellar
Wine connoisseurs may not always have space to store their wine but beneath a staircase lies a great opportunity for a small wine cellar! Whether it be external shelving or an actual enclosed room, this area will work very well. Add glass cabinets for visual display of your favorite wines and you have a gorgeous storage space! Picture source: http://bit.ly/1ggFdl5

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