Technology today has improved so many aspects of our lives from medicine to computers. Home automation is one type of technology that over the past few years has become quite popular.

Home Automation In A Nutshell

Home automation is when different features or areas of your home are designed to be remotely controlled. The idea that a homeowner can have more control over their home in security, energy efficiency and convenience is attractive to many. Even home appliance manufacturers are designing their products with “smart” characteristics.

Home Automation Options

There are dozens of options for adding home automation to your home. Security, sprinklers, lighting, temperature control, water systems, home theaters and appliances are some examples. Almost every area of the home can be automated to some extent giving homeowners more control of how their home functions.

Who Should Invest In Home Automation?

Security systems have been around for years but the added features of home automation give home ownership a new perspective and has significant benefits. Most systems are designed to be user-friendly so more than just tech savvy owners will enjoy it. Home automation can work well for many different types of people. Luxury homeowners, those with disabilities, and the elderly are just a few examples.

As a Home Seller, how can you benefit from home automation when your put your home on the market?

Today’s home buyers are interested in smart home or home automation features. It is an attractive feature that most find generally appealing. Sellers that have this feature will find it captures the attention and sets them apart from the competition.

Millennials are one group that is becoming increasingly important in the real estate market. The group has modern tastes and does look into smart features for their home especially for the energy saving characteristics. Finally, while home automation will be a bit of an investment in the beginning, it will add value to your home.

Here is an excellent guide written by the Consumer Affairs Research Team that is geared towards helping consumers get the best information on home automation.

What you will find:
– A variety of brands and how they compare
– Features (services, price, certifications, and options)
– Types of home automation
– A brief overview of who benefits from home automation
– Expert Reviews

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