How to Design the Perfect Laundry RoomWhen people hear the word home renovation, they think of kitchens, bathrooms, maybe event basements, but what about laundry rooms? Some laundry rooms are also used as a mudroom and have double the duties and most likely double the chaos! Here are some ways you can organize and design a laundry room for efficiency and style!


Laundry rooms are workstations just like a kitchen. Various tasks such as cleaning, folding, ironing and even mending need to be accomplished. Adding a countertop to your room is a great way to create space to accomplish these tasks. You have a variety of popular stone options to choose from to fit your style.

Laundry Room  Counter

Maximize Space

Laundry rooms tend to be on the smaller side but that doesn’t mean storage has to be an issue. Get creative with cabinetry and spaces to add shelving. Many laundry rooms are located in the basement of the home. The area under basement stairs is often deemed useless but with some added shelving or custom cabinets you can transform it into storage for your detergents, fabric softeners, iron and more.

Basement steps aren’t the only ones that usually end up as wasted space. Check out these ideas for creative under the stair storage!

Built In ShelvingBins

When it comes to storage items the options are endless. Baskets, cloth bins, laundry hampers, and even small wooden crates are all ways to spice up your storage! They can coordinate by color, they can even be labeled for items or per person. Stack a washer and dryer onto a custom-made wooden stand with areas for additional bins. Find narrow cabinets for the small spaces between or aside of the washer and dryers.

Laundry Room With Organizational Bins

Hardware and Fixtures

Upgrading the hardware in a room can change the whole feel of it! Try adding brushed copper hardware for a rustic and upscale feel. Here’s a an article about helpful tips on choosing hardware colors. Upgrading light fixtures is another great way to add a little extra to a laundry room! Installing a pendent lighting fixture can completely change the look and feel of the room! If time has to be spent folding and taking care of clothing it might as well feel fun!

Laundry Room Lighting

Mudroom Additions

If your laundry room also tackles mudroom tasks like dirty pets and shoes, installing a small shower area with a drain can be a great idea. You can add some nice tile work, a towel bar and its the perfect little wash area! Picture Source :

Mudroom with Wash Area

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