Choosing Kitchen CabinetsOne of the most important components of a kitchen, is the cabinetry. They are both functional and set the tone for the style of a kitchen. Today there are numerous styles, colors and textures you can choose when designing your kitchen. This article will go over the most common styles and how they look in a kitchen.


This style is one of the most common you will see today and goes with many different decors. These cabinet doors are created in 5 pieces. The frame is made by 4 pieces followed by 1 center panel. This style can be used in both traditional or modern style kitchens.

Shaker Cabinet Style

Shaker Cabinet Style


Inspired by Gothic architecture centuries ago, this style of cabinetry has been a popular choice for kitchens. The arch of the cabinet front panel can be various sizes depending on taste. This style tends to be more traditional and go best in homes with taller ceilings.


Similar to the cathedral style, this cabinet has a simple arch on the front panel whereas the cathedral style is a bit more ornate. Tending to be more traditional, this look gives a nice contrast between the rectangular shape of the cabinet and the arch of the door detail. Some choose to have the arch portion of the door made entirely of glass to give it a whole different look.

Raised Panel

A raised panel cabinet gives a bit more of an upscale feel. The center panel is raised slightly above the rest of the cabinet. This is often seen in more traditional decors.


This type of cabinetry is on the more expensive side due to its construction. In other styles, the door of the cabinet is laid over top of the frame. In inset cabinetry the doors are made to fit exactly in the frame. With this style the hinges will be visible. In addition to handles, you’ll need to add hinges when choosing your hardware selections.

Inset Cabinet Style

Inset Cabinet Style


In modern and contemporary homes straight and clean lines are a common characteristic. The flat paneled kitchen cabinet has no additional panels like traditional cabinetry, it is one piece with a simple handle.


Glass is appealing due to its reflective properties and clean appearance. If you have a kitchen low on natural light, adding this style of cabinetry into your design will be a great solution. The glass can be fully clear or frosted glass. The entire door can be glass or it can be framed by wood. Having glass features in a kitchen are good for almost any decor taste.

Glass Cabinet Style

Glass Cabinet Style


The beauty with laminate is that it comes in a variety of textures and color making it perfect for those with a more contemporary taste. It also comes in more competitive pricing. Another great benefit is that these cabinets are quite durable.


Antique and vintage style kitchens look nice with distressed cabinets. These do come with a somewhat higher price tag as they have to be not only constructed but then distressed.

Distressed Cabinet Style

Distressed Cabinet Style


Cabinets with bead board are a beautiful option in many decors but they tend to look best in vintage or cottage-style kitchens. The beadboard is placed in the center panel of the cabinet. Pair the beadboard with decorative trim and the kitchen instantly has a more custom feel. One thing to note, due to the intricacy of the style it can be a bit more difficult to clean.


In addition to the style of cabinet, crown molding, special shelving, custom-function cabinets (bread bin, spice slide-out cabinets, etc…), countertop material and hardware are all areas to add special touches to a kitchen.

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