Phases of the New Construction ProcessBuying a home is an exciting process! When people choose to purchase new construction, their home buying experience is a bit different.

They are able to watch the entire process from breaking ground to final walk through. In the article below we will go over the phases of new construction and what buyers should expect.

Note to home buyers: It is recommended to schedule visits with your builder rather than visit the house on your own. Your home is a construction site that can have hazardous areas and is best to tour with a professional to prevent any accidents. This is one of the mistakes you can avoid when buying new construction.

Each builder will have their own home construction process, these are the general stages. However some may vary their timing on certain installations.

Phase 1 – The Footprint – Excavating and Foundation

Once the house location is chosen, the first phase begins. The ground will be excavated and the footprint of the home is dug. The foundation will be poured. At this point you will get a good idea of the perimeters of your home and exactly how it will be situated on the property.

Phase 2 – The Skeleton – Interior and Exterior Framing

The next phase is where the skeleton of the home will be constructed. This is done with wood and/or metal. Once the framing is done, the exterior siding, brick, stone, windows, roof and doors are constructed.

This is the phase where the house really takes shape and buyers can start to get a feel of what their home will look like in terms of room sizes and layout.

Phase 3 – The “Guts” – Plumbing, Electric and HVAC

Once the framing is finished the internal components of the home can start to be constructed. Plumbing, electrical wiring, HVAC units and ductwork are all laid out. Bathtubs and one piece shower stalls are also installed.

Phase 4 – The Walls – Insulation and Drywall

Insulation will be hung next followed by drywall. The rooms will have walls. This phase is a good time to envision where you may want to put furniture and home items.

Tip: Keep an eye on where electrical sockets are when you plan your furniture layout.

Phase 5 – The Personality – Trim, Paint, Fixtures

All those painstaking decisions on color and style of fixtures will come to fruition in this phase! Your paint colors, crown molding, trim, flooring, cabinets, countertops, hardware and other accessories that you have chosen will be installed.

Final Walk Through

This will be a walk-through scheduled with your contractor where you will be taken through the house, room by room. This will most likely be the first time you will see your home in its finished state.

It will be the time to ask questions about how things work, and look closely for defects or things you would like changed. Be sure to go over any builder’s warranty that your builder may offer.

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