Everyone knows that the kitchen is the epicenter of a home. Whether it’s a quiet night with the family, or entertaining with a group of friends…inevitably people gather in the kitchen. And most assuredly, the sink area is where we gravitate to continue our conversations as we prep dinner or clean up post meal. Which means that today’s sinks are starting to take center stage as designers and DIY renovators experiment with new looks that combine both visual and functional appeal.

With the sink becoming more of a focal point in the kitchen, homeowners are taking a second glance at this formally functional area. With a variety of new styles and materials on the market, the kitchen sink is no longer just the area where you clean up, it’s now seen as a unique feature. Here are some of the most popular kitchen sink trends to carry you into 2018 and beyond:

Vessel Sink
Vessel sinks (or basin sinks) sit atop—or slightly recessed of— the counter, instead of being below the countertop level like traditional sink basins. Because they are more visible, vessel sinks can make a major design statement. Vessel sinks come in a variety of unique kitchen-friendly materials such as natural stone, metals, glass and even wood. Because vessel sinks are raised above the counter surface, working at one requires less bending over, which can be easier on the back.

Prep/Entertainment Sink
Homeowners have discovered that having a smaller, second (or third) sink added to their kitchen can make a big difference in a kitchen’s workflow. Known as “prep” or “entertainment” sinks, these sinks provide extra workspace for someone to help chop carrots, for wine to chill on ice or for washing hands before sitting down at the table.

Farmhouse Sink
A farmhouse sink (or apron sink) mimic the rectangular, extra deep look and exposed front common in many vintage, rural homes. They can sit atop the counter or be mounted. The Old World appeal of a farmhouse sink is great for larger pots and pans because they are wide and deep. While traditional a farmhouse sink is white porcelain or enamel, they can also be made out of fired clay, stainless steel, copper, natural stone and even wood.

Soapstone Sink
Big, deep soapstone sinks that harken to the days of Frank Lloyd Wright are making a comeback. Nearly impervious to stains and heat, soapstone requires only an occasional swipe of mineral oil to retain its beauty. It’s so dense that it won’t harbor bacteria, either, making it easy to clean.

Trough Sinks
Longer and leaner than a traditional kitchen sink, trough sinks can accommodate two, three or even four faucets and drains. This offers significant elbow room for a family of cooking enthusiasts. They are also ideal for home gardening and craft projects. Because of their narrow shape, trough sinks work well on plumbed kitchen islands.

Seamless Sinks
A seamless sink is essentially a countertop with a built-in sink. Gone are the tiny crevices where a sink meets the countertop…one of the most difficult spaces to get truly clean in a kitchen! A seamless sink and countertop are melded together into a single piece and can be fabricated from the same material like natural stone, concrete or quartz. A seamless sink can be customized to have an extra deep or wide basin or with angled edges to create a built-in drain board.

Undermount Sinks
Installed below the countertop, an undermount sink offers a seamless look and allow for easy countertop cleanup. This type of sink can only be used with solid-surface countertops, such as granite, marble or composite. Enameled cast iron, another popular material for kitchen sinks, is an affordable option available in a wide range of colors.

Bamboo Sink
This exotic alternative gives your kitchen a more unique appearance because it’s different from typical materials like stainless steel and enameled cast iron. A bamboo apron sink is constructed from fully matured Moso bamboo with SGS-certified safe binding adhesives and a water-resistant topcoat.

Colorful Sink
Neutral kitchens (in grays and white) are increasingly popular today. So it just makes sense to add an enameled cast-iron sink in a deep, rich color to grab the eye. There’s nothing better than a colored sink to bring a kitchen to life.

Multi-Use Sink
A multi-use sink becomes a prep, serving, assembling and cleanup work station suitable for one or two people to use at the same time, often with two faucets. These sinks have ledges where accessories like bowls, cutting boards, strainers, and other cool gadgets can slide back and forth to keep the workflow efficient. Best of all, the mess stays in the sink, not on the countertop.

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