Since its first recorded use in 1509 – on a ceiling at Christ’s College, Cambridge – homeowners have been wrapping their walls with decorative printed paper. The 18th century was a golden age for wallpaper. Industrialization in the 19th century brought it to the working classes, and ruined it for the chic and rich. By the late 20th century, wallpaper was passé. 

Largely out of fashion since the 1980s (and sometimes thought of as tacky and difficult to install or remove) wallpaper is now a hot trend in interior design. Today’s simple furniture styles are part of the reason. Wallpaper can add texture, depth and visual interest that works well with understated furnishings.

Here are some tips you need to know to bring this revived trend back into your home in a cool, modern way:

Geometric Design

Geometrics have come a long way since they were first popular in the 1960s and 1970s. Modern prints come in colors that are more fashionable now. Furniture (and furnishings) shouldn’t fight with the print. However, you don’t have to restrict yourself to ultra-modern styles. Choosing pieces made of wood or upholstered in a plain color will help avoid an over-cluttered look. 

Large-scale graphic prints coordinate with a contemporary interior scheme while smaller, more subtle patterns look fabulous with traditional furnishings or in a historic home. Just keep in mind the scale of a room when decorating. Use the big prints sparingly, for larger open rooms and only on one or two walls as an accent. Small rooms with low ceilings should get a simpler graphic design.


A modern take on the glitz and glamour of yesteryear, metallic wallpaper is a trend that will take off throughout 2017. Must have metals for walls are gold, bronze and copper. Metallic wallpaper can catch the light and create a subtle shimmering effect.

Metallic wallpaper creates an ideal backdrop for furnishings like floor lamps, tabletop sculptures and decorative bowls. The walls become an interior’s foundation, while the overall vibe can be coordinated with pieces in copper, gold, silver or pewter tones.

Bold and Botanical Florals

Floral wallpapers are very much in bloom in 2017, adding a bold and colorful touch to home interiors. Patterns tends to be oversized and dramatic. Floral wallpaper literally transforms the landscape of a setting and is the perfect quick fix for a room which needs refreshing with a dash of energy of an eye-catching feature wall. Floral patterns range from vintage and vivid to cottage pretty.

Textured and Embossed

Textured wallpaper is another popular interior design option in 2017. It adds elements of depth and dimension to interior design schemes. Embossed wall coverings are available in a huge variety of textures and patterns. Textured wallpaper is a great way for homeowners with tighter budgets to mimic classic plaster work designs. Most patterns require painting afterward to bring out the raised, textured effect. With careful brushstrokes and a steady hand, your entire wall might appear plucked from a 19th-century French country estate. Or aim for modern drama by painting the entire wall in a rich, vivid jewel tone.

Wall Murals

Wall murals are a wonderful way to create feature walls. Photo murals especially have seen growth in popularity due to digital print services that allow homeowners to personalize their interiors by printing versions of their photos to create something that’s truly unique to them. Wall murals boost the level of creativity in a room’s interior. The hottest trend in wall murals are urban landscapes, wood-inspired faux finish designs, and art-inspired patterns.

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