With every passing year, new ideas that change the way we occupy our living space arise and evolve. Right now, homebuilding is full of incredible innovations — from technology that once felt like science fiction, to creative new ways to bring in the great outdoors. Everyone wants their home to be unique, designed specifically for their lifestyle and aesthetic. Simply put, there’s a lot to look forward to. 

Here are a few hot trends that have particularly piqued our interest. 

Sustainable Design
Because of an increase in demand, modern builders are creating homes that are of sustainable design. The percentage of homes being built in the U.S. with environmentally-friendly features increased to 16% from only 2% in 2006. Fueling this trend is a desire to create a “green” home and/or save on utility bills. Whether it’s Energy Star appliances or flooring made from recycled materials, homeowners are investing in a variety of sustainable options. And while energy-efficient appliances may cost a little more initially, homeowners will see a reduction in their water and utility bills.

If sustainable design is something that interests you, look for Real Estate agents and brokers who are certified as an EcoBroker® by the Association of Energy and Environmental Real Estate Professionals (www.aeerep.org) or as a S.T.A.R. (Sustainability Training for Accredited Real Estate Professionals) from the Earth Advantage Institute (www.earthadvantage.org).

Embracing the Outdoors            
Many new buyers are looking for homes where they can enjoy being inside comfortably, yet have the experience of being outdoors in nature. Builders are addressing this trend with new designs that seamlessly fuse the interior and exterior living areas through the use of spacious rooftops, creative interior design, patios and courtyards. These new intimate outdoor spaces incorporate homey fireplaces and seating areas to become settings for relaxation and socializing.

This trends works for existing homes, too. Renovate to add large floor-to-ceiling, retractable windows and stackable, glass doors will bring in extra sunlight and make the outdoor spaces feel like an extension of your kitchen or living room. Another trend is using flooring, like wide-paneled wood or stone, to create a seamless, cohesive transition between the indoors and outdoors.

Getting Connected
Say goodbye to missing remote controls and spare house keys hidden under the welcome mat. The integration of smart technology into new homes is becoming a top priority for many homebuyers. The most innovative homes on the market now focus on having one central operating system — controlled through a device — that cohesively coordinates and connects an entire home’s technology. Built-in, high-tech features connect to WiFi and use smart locks for keyless entry. For homeowners, this means easier, streamlined living, which is why this trend will only continue to gain popularity.

Home Office
With today’s technological landscape, the division between work and home continues to become blurred. Regular work-from-home time has grown by 103 percent since 2005. For this reason, homeowners are looking for more than just a desk in the corner of their kitchen that they call an “office.” Creating a dedicated work space within the home is adaptable and can function for any member of the household who needs it.

Open Spaces
No surprise, open-concept floor plans continue to hold a place as a top trendsetter in home building. Modern families simply cannot afford to waste space with empty hallways and tiny rooms. Instead, they focus on creating a space that melds the kitchen, living, and dining together. An open-concept floor plan not only increases the maximum usable space in your home, but also encourages family unity. Continue this feeling of openness with clean design lines, such as wide doorways and high ceilings.

Open Ceilings
Speaking of high ceilings, vaulted spaces offer a structurally interesting way to change the appearance of a room to give it light, air, and openness. Although it’s traditionally been used in two-story spaces, as a new home design trend, the open ceiling is a useful tool in less vertically expansive spaces, such as this open floor plan dining room.

The Vintage “Farmhouse” Feel
It’s true that “everything old is new again.” Today’s homeowners want the luxury of a new home with rustic touches that can make it feel vintage. A “farmhouse entryway” should be a staple for any family household. Need somewhere to store the dog’s leashes and food bowls? Dirty shoes on a rainy day? The kids’ backpacks? Usually used as a back entrance, these informal mudrooms equip your home with robust efficiency.

Barn doors have gained popularity as a fashionable choice for garage doors. Now, these rustic-inspired pieces are appearing in homes’ kitchens, closets, and bedrooms. Barn doors bring a rustic elegance into the home that stands out as a vintage-inspired feature in an otherwise contemporary landscape.

Sleek Kitchens
Kitchens have always been, and will remain, the heart of any home. But trendsetting homes are evolving the layout of the traditional kitchen. New homes favor “stripped” kitchens in an effort to reduce the amount of clutter. Open shelves and minimal cabinets make a kitchen look streamlined and clean without compromising functionality.

Oversized Islands
With the kitchen simplified, there are alternative options to compensate for lost storage space. Long gone are the days of a tiny center kitchen island. With kitchens stretching into what was once the dining room, islands have evolved into functional and beautiful focal points where the family spends a lot of time. Microwaves, second sinks, and dishwashers have moved to these stand alone pieces. This option leaves room for additional cabinetry, enlarged pantries, and high end appliances. A kitchen will never go unused, so investing more into this space is a smart move.

Focal Point Stairway
A staircase is designed to get you up and down to the different floors in your home – simple as that. But new homes are taking a different approach. Now, staircases are being treated like an interesting design element that can add a real statement to a room. Homebuilders are designing staircases to act as a major focal point, for both function and fashion. For a staircase that makes a big impression, consider creating one with modern glass accents, elegant iron posts, or artistic tile designs.

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